Sunday, January 30, 2011

¡Besos from Buenos Aires!

Well, hello everybody!!

I know it's been more than six months since I last blogged over here at LCN. May I just say right now how grateful I am to all of you who still drop by, still send me the occasional little note, and all. What a wonderful community the sniffologists are...

And a *special* LCN shoutout to those (brave? patient?) souls who signed up to follow me after I announced my extended hiatus-- that's some heavy fan action!!

The Other Nostril and I are down in Argentina, and I'm greasing the skids for a posting on why that's happening. And there is all kinds of goofy perfume stuff to report on, if I can cut into my heavy vacation schedule and actually get some sniffing done.

But for now, if you are craving a taste of the old LCN reporting, check out my BsAs blog:

It's mostly just a clearing house for my pictures, thoughts, and mini-adventures while we're here-- quantity > quality, in most cases, but we are having a lovely time and I enjoy the sharing.

Again, besitos, all.


  1. I was wondering if you appearing over at my place meant there were some news at your place as well. :)
    I'm so glad to see you back.
    I wish I knew about the other blog before but I'm now off to check it out. :)

  2. Hi there, Inez!! Yes, I'm off on a new adventure--I'm so delighted to see that you're doing so well!

  3. Smiles to go with the besitos at your new adventure. Like Ines, I shall hike over to the other blog to see what is up...

  4. Finally you returned. I started worry about you but as it seems you had fun. Jump in to blog more often. You have been missed.

  5. ¡ScentSelf! ¿Que tal? (How ya doin'?) Thanks for dropping by! It's silly how busy we are on what's supposed to be a vacation, but I'll be blogging more now that my back will let me... See you soon.

  6. @Joan & Nulla Tabella-- Thank you so much for dropping by, and for being such loyal fans of the LCN! I have a BsAs perfume posting I'll have to get around to one of these days...

  7. Ohhhh... we love that you are back!!! Missed you!!!
    What a happy moment to see a new posting here...

  8. I'd love to hear some of these perfume stories. I'm a little perfume obsessed as of late, I went ahead and purchased some sisley perfume. It's just tickled my nose so much (in a good way!) :)